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VIPS Personal Protection LLC is a highly skilled and trained professional company operated by Dexter Jones. Mr. Jones is a veteran of the United State Marine Corps. He is a retired Master Certified Peace Officer and former Chief of the Audit and Investigations Division with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. During his tenure, he developed and led the Commission's Special Investigations Team, which focused on dismantling organized crime of narcotics trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, and other nefarious crimes of opportunity. 

Mr. Jones is a graduate of the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Course and the prestigious FBI National Academy.  

He has been trained in the following but not limited to:


  • Use of Force, 

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal De-escalation Tactics,

  • Arrest Search & Seizure, 

  • Firearms/Weapons Orientation & Proficiency, 

  • Tactical Driving, 

  • Civilian Interaction, 

  • Crisis Intervention, 

  • Law Enforcement Officer Flying Armed, 

  • Report Writing, and 

  • Criminal and Civil Investigations 

He understands the importance of providing exceptional security services that ensure the clients' absolute satisfaction. VIPS Personal Protection LLC is always ready to meet your needs, do not delay TIME contacting us for your service needs.



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